In a one month work exchange, a so called secondment, Natália stayed in Slovenia to cooperate with the LIFEBOTS Exchange partners at The Technical University of Košice (TUKE). The month of exchange was divided in two and completed two weeks at a time in August and December 2019.

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During her stay Natália and the LIFEBOTS coworkers at TUKE exchanged their experience and knowledge on social robots and AI in care through seminars, meetings and work tasks.

One of the concrete working results was the development a questionnaire on "New technologies and social robots in care - the caregiver's perception", and later analysed the answers from the participants at Cáritas Coimbra. From this they gained increased knowledge of the caregiver's expectations about how social robots can help in care, which will be helpful insights for many of the partners in LIFEBOTS Exchange.

"Peter and Marek knowledge about robots is incredible! It was awesome to hear about all their experience and studies. I am looking forward to receive the TUKE team in Cáritas and show then our work."

Read more about Natália's experience at Cáritas Coimbra at their website: